Motorola Razr V3 and Samsung R451c Qwerty Prepaid Phone

Motorola Razr V3 and Samsung R451c Qwerty Phone from both Straight

Tracfone ties with Net10 Second Best $30 a Month Phone Plan

Comparing plans, I would probably go with the $200 3,000 minute yearly card for myself and try to stretch it to over a year if I could. I also like the simplicity of the $30 Net10 phone card and ten cents a minute.

The 6.6 cents a minute with Tracfone would entice me to use the $200 plan. I am able to average 430+ minutes per month over seven months with the $200 Tracfone plan and still spend less than $30 a month. I can use 600 minutes one month and 260 the next and still average 430 minutes per month.

Prepaid vs PostPaid.
The reason I am not comparing Postpaid cell phone accounts is because they pretty much all start at $40 a month.

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